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Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies, Volume 2

Walt Disney Treasures: More Silly Symphonies, Volume 2

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
December 19, 2006
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated

From the beginning, Walt Disney's SILLY SYMPHONIES series was a mecca for innovation and unabashed creativity. This second volume of the revolutionary series boasts some of Disney's rarest cartoons, including over a dozen never before released on DVD or video. Among the many animation treasures celebrated here are the never-before-released HELL'S BELLS and the original unedited MOTHER GOOSE GOES HOLLWYOOD, plus the Academy Award®-winning THREE ORPHAN KITTENS (Best Cartoon, 1935). Enriching the collection even further are several optional commentaries by some of the world's foremost animation and film music experts, who also take part in a lively conversation about the series that let Walt Disney push the envelope of animation art to unimaginable flights of fantasy. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.

Includes the following cartoons:

Arctic Antics (1930)

Autumn (1930)

The Bears And The Bees (1932)

The Bird Store (1932)

Birds In The Spring (1933)

Broken Toys (1935)

Bugs In Love (1932)

Cannibal Capers (1930)

The Cat's Out (Also known as The Cat's Nightmare) (1931)

The China Shop (1934)

The Clock Store (1931)

Cock O' The Walk (1935)

El Terrible Toreador (1929)

The Fox Hunt (1931)

Frolicking Fish (1930)

The Goddess Of Spring (1934)

Hell's Bells (1929)

King Neptune (1932)

Little Hiawatha (1937)

Merbabies (1938)

The Merry Dwarfs (1929)

Midnight In A Toy Shop (1930)

Monkey Melodies (1930)

More Kittens (1936)

The Moth And The Flame (1938)

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938)

Night (1930)

The Night Before Christmas (1933)

Old King Cole (1933)

The Pied Piper (1933)

Playful Pan (1930)

Santa's Workshop (1932)

The Spider And The Fly (1931)

Springtime (1929)

Summer (1930)

Three Blind Mouseketeers (1936)

Three Orphan Kittens (1935)

Winter (1930)

  • SILLY SYMPHONIES Rediscovered
  • Animators At Play
  • Galleries
  • Audio Commentaries

  • Color And Black & White
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • English SDH Subtitles