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The Big Green

The Big Green

Theatrical Release Date:
September 29, 1995
DVD Release Date:
May 04, 2004
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
English, French
USA:PG (For some mild language)

The biggest game in the world comes to the smallest town in America in this action-packed comedy about a group of bored misfits who become local soccer heroes. A winning family film from the people who brought you ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, THE BIG GREEN will elicit big grins from the whole family! Nothing ever happens in Elma, Texas ... at least not until British schoolteacher Anna Montgomery (Olivia d'Abo of THE WONDER YEARS) arrives. Determined to motivate her students, Anna decides to form a soccer team. She enlists the aid of out-of-shape sheriff Tom Palmer (Steve Guttenberg, THREE MEN AND A BABY), who agrees to coach the team so he can beat his old nemesis, the ruthless coach of the big city bullies, the Knights. THE BIG GREEN scores with parents as well as with kids, who learn the importance of being a team player ... and a good sport!

  • Color
  • 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Spanish Subtitles

Tom Palmer
Steve Guttenberg

Anna Montgomery
Olivia d'Abo

Jay Huffer
Jay O. Sanders

Marbelly Morales
Yareli Arizmendi

Newt Shaw
Bug Hall

Evan Schiff
Chauncey Leopardi

Larry Musgrove
Patrick Renna

Jeffrey Luttrell
Billy L. Sullivan

Edwin V. Douglas
John Terry

Nick Anderssen
Jordan Brower

Sophia Convertino
Hayley Kolb

Polly Neilson
Haley Miller

Juan Morales
Anthony Esquivel

Lou Gates
Ashley Welch

Kate Douglas
Jessie Robertson

Sue Gates
Ariel Welch

Tak Yamato
Jimmy Higa

Cookie Musgrove
Gil Glasgow

Brenda Neilson
Libby Villari

Bomma Cole
Louanne Stephens

Jay Huffer, Jr.
John Bourg

Milt Oberman

Chief Bishop
Nik Hagler

Stadium Announcer
Stephen Parr