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Tales From Avonlea: Beginnings

Tales From Avonlea: Beginnings

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
March 02, 2004
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated
Canada:Not Rated

Experience all the charm of a homespun saga as TALES FROM AVONLEA takes you on enchanting journeys of unforgettable trials and triumphs. In this soul-stirring collection, Sara Stanley comes of age in an all-new environment filled with family, friends, and foes. Amazing events follow as Sara gets acquainted with her emotionally guarded guardian, Aunt Hetty, and feuds and frolics with her prank-playing cousins, Felix and Felicity. Through the sharing of dreams, disappointments, and life's little everyday disasters, they not only find their way -- but also a very special place in one another's hearts. Full of love, laughs, and lessons, and cherished characters of all ages, TALES FROM AVONLEA imparts time-honored values and ventures that never go out of style.

  • Contains 8 full-length episodes

  • Color
  • Region 1
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio

Sara Stanley
Sarah Polley

Hetty King
Jackie Burroughs

Olivia King Dale
Mag Ruffman

Felix King
Zachary Bennett

Felicity King
Gema Zamprogna

Janet King
Lally Cadeau

Alec King
Cedric Smith

Gus Pike
Michael Mahonen

Jasper Dale
R.H. Thomson

Rachel Lynde
Patricia Hamilton

Clara Potts
Maja Ardal

Mrs. Ray
Barbara Gordon

Muriel Stacey Pettibone
Marilyn Lightstone

Eulalie Bugle
Barbara Hamilton

Elvira Lawson
Elva Mai Hoover

Andrew King
Joel Blake

Great Aunt Eliza
Kay Tremblay

Arthur Pettibone
Zachary Ansley

Bob Bainborough

Morgan Pettibone
Mark Bigney

Izzy Pettibone
Heather Brown

Edward Lawson
Leslie Carlson

Simon Tremayne
Ian D. Clark

Blair Stanley
Robert Collins