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Operation Dumbo Drop

Operation Dumbo Drop

Theatrical Release Date:
July 28, 1995
DVD Release Date:
May 06, 2003
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
English, French
USA:PG (For war action and language)

An exciting comedy adventure of enormous proportions, OPERATION DUMBO DROP was cheered by critics and audiences across America! A savvy veteran army captain (Danny Glover, LETHAL WEAPON I-IV, ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD) is teamed with a by-the-book West Point officer (Ray Liotta -- NARC, HEARTBREAKERS) to lead the "weightiest" military maneuver ever. Their job: To secretly transport a full-grown elephant across 200 miles of rugged terrain -- fording rivers, scaling mountains, and crossing canyons -- to reach a remote jungle villlage! You'll discover laughter around every hilarious corner as these hardy Green Berets prove that with a little luck ... and tons of hard work ... no mission is impossible!

  • Color
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • Spanish Subtitles

Captain Sam Cahill
Danny Glover

Captain T.C. Doyle
Ray Liotta

David Poole
Denis Leary

Harvey (H.A.) Ashford
Doug E. Doug

Lawrence Farley
Corin Nemec

Tcheky Karyo

Hoang Ly

Vo Trung Ahn

Marshall Bell

Y B'ham
James Hong

C-123 Pilot
Tim Kellerher

C-123 Co-Pilot
Scott N. Stevens

Huey Pilot #1
Kevin LaRosa

Cowboy, Huey Co-Pilot
Christopher Ward

Huey Gunner #1
Robert Kevin Miller

Village Elder
Michael Lee

NVA Captain
Le Minh Tien

NVA Lieutenant
Mac Van Nam

Feed Salesman
Ton Nguyen That

Bike Driver
Somsak Hormsombat

Lionel Douglas

NVA Anti-Aircraft Gunner
Tien Nguyen Van