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Lizzie McGuire Box Set: Volume 1

Lizzie McGuire Box Set: Volume 1

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
November 23, 2004
Number of Discs:
Running Time:

Here's the 4-1-1: Now Lizzie McGuire, the hit show from Disney Channel, is available for the first time ever in a 4-disc DVD box set! See how it all began and enjoy going back to the early years with Lizzie (Hilary Duff) in the first 22 episodes of the series. Together with her best friends Miranda and Gordo, Lizzie gets herself into all sorts of hilarious misadventures and embarrassing situations. Sometimes it involves Lizzie's pesky little brother Matt or "queen of mean" Kate or cutie Ethan. But it always involves seriously stylin' fashions and the very coolest pop music. Join America's sweetheart as she makes her way through the middle-school maze!

  • The Cast Dishes The Dirt: Find out what really happened on and off the set when Lalaine (Miranda), Jake Thomas (Matt), Clayton Snyder (Ethan), and Ashlie Brillault (Kate) talk about what it was like to work on the show.
  • Audio Commentary on Clayton Snyder's favorite Episode "I Do, I Don't."
  • Audio Commentary on Ashlie Brillault's favorite episode, "Night Of The Day Of The Dead."
  • Audio Commentary on Lalaine's Favorite Episode,"Rated Argh!"
  • Get The Lizzie Look: Go shopping in Beverly Hills with Ashlie and Lizzie McGuire's costume designer to learn how the show's stylin' fashions were picked.
  • Makeup And Hair Secrets Of The Stars: Visit a cool Beverly Hills salon with Ashlie.

  • Color
  • Region 1

Lizzie McGuire
Hilary Duff

Adam Lamberg


Matt McGuire
Jake Thomas

Sam McGuire
Robert Carradine

Jo McGuire
Hallie Todd