Contains the following cartoons: "> Disney Animation Collection 2: Three Little Pigs DVD
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Disney Animation Collection 2: Three Little Pigs

Disney Animation Collection 2: Three Little Pigs

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
April 07, 2009
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
USA:Not Rated
Canada:Not Rated

Experience a unique telling of one of your favorite storybook tales in this Disney Animation Collection DVD, part of an adventure-filled series of classic Disney short films! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? "Not I!" answer the first two brothers as they build their new homes -- one made of straw and the other of sticks. But when the wolf huffs and puffs and blows down their houses, the brothers seek protection in the third pig's house, very wisely made of bricks. Will the three little pigs finally be safe, once and for all? Bring home every volume in the Disney Animation Collection series on DVD. Each one is packed with classic Disney short films that will have you laughing, singing and creating wonderful, lifelong memories!

Contains the following cartoons:

  • The Three Little Pigs

  • Big Bad Wolf

  • Three Little Wolves

  • Chicken Little

  • Lambert the Sheepish Lion

  • Three Blind Mouseketeers

  • Elmer Elephant

  • Color
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound