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Bear In The Big Blue House: Tidy Time With Bear!

Bear In The Big Blue House: Tidy Time With Bear!

Theatrical Release Date:
DVD Release Date:
July 06, 2004
Number of Discs:
Running Time:
English, Spanish
USA:Not Rated

Give preschoolers their best start with BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE! This award-winning series provides your child with valuable tools for growth in key areas of music, social skill development, and cognitive learning through integrated programs combining music, movement, and exploration. Help get the Big Blue House in order with Bear™ and all his friends, and learn about cooperation, teamwork, and good personal hygiene! There are chores in store when the gang learns about "Working Like A Bear" then puts it all to use cleaning up the house in "Woodland House Wonderful." And there’s satisfaction in a job well done -- especially when it's done together in "We Did It Our Way," in this collection of three busy, busy episodes featuring four sing-along songs!

  • Four Sing-Along Songs!
  • Continuous "Play-Through" Options

  • Color
  • 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Region 1

Tutter/Pip/Jacque the Beaver
Peter Linz

Ojo/Etta/Grandma Flutter
Vicki Eibner

James J. Kroupa

Treelo/Pop/Doc Hog/Nick Kodiack
Tyler Bunch

Ray the Sun
Geoffrey Holder

Jet Setter Tutter
Tim Lagasse

Rita Mouse
Anney McKilligan

Tara Mooney

Cousin Whiner
Victor Yerrid