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Toughened film, customized toughened film, wholesale price of toughened film, mobile phone protective film, manufacturer of toughened film, and top ten brands of toughened film recommend Shenzhen Pechant official website!

Pechant Technical

Professional high quality toughened film wholesale

15 years manufacturer

Telephone: 1772472193

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Customization of new steel film


Protective film product center

Peisheng steel film manufacturers, support a variety of new and old mobile phone model customization, main products: apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet, oppo, vivo and other series of mobile phone protective film and lens film. Main products: 3D hot bending, anti falling 9h ceramic film, full glue 3D toughening film, anti-skid hydro coagulation film, silk screen toughening film, 3D integrated lens film, airbag film, UV toughened film, PET film, watch film, antibacterial film and other technologies. Main products are HD / anti peep / HD Frosting / blue imitation light, green light, etc. for wholesale and customization cooperation hotline: 17724721937 (wechat synchronization)

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One stop customized service for steel film manufacturers

Peisheng protective film customized manufacturer, focusing on the field of protective screen and display equipment customization, has a complete variety of protective film, stable quality, wide range of applications, all-round to meet your customization needs, one-to-one project tracking, whole process quality inspection, timely production and delivery.

Peisheng protective film is widely used in many fields

Custom made to protect display equipment, explore more potential products and fun with you

Peisheng steel film manufacturer

For customized, focus on high quality steel film!

Peisheng technology is committed to R & D and production of various protective films and mobile phone toughened films. It provides customized protective films, OEM of mobile phone toughened films and production of toughened films for domestic and foreign trade merchants, Jingdong, tmall, Amazon, eBay and offline brand channels. It has accumulated more than 500 services worldwide, and recommended top 10 brands of hand-made toughened films. We are committed to quality-oriented, honest and trustworthy!

Customized Hotline:17724721937
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Fivecore advantages make Peisheng a reliable supplier

o meet the needs of customization and wholesale, big brand manufacturers have protection!

  • 01

    Large physical factories. Production is guaranteed

    The scale of the steel film manufacturer is 60000m2 production base of Shenzhen headquarters, the industrial chain and standard modern factory building and mature supply chain of 3000m2 in Yueyang, Hunan Province, 4000m2 of Xiaogan production base in Hubei Province, with more than 200 employees in the total factory.

  • 02

    Product certification guaranteed

    In terms of raw materials, competitive new materials are used: Corning, Asahi, pannitrate glass, Schott glass, CSG high aluminum, Asahi adhesive, Merck, AB, TPU, St.

    Quality is the foundation of Peisheng production, we attach great importance to the importance of quality, to provide customers with the most ideal quality requirements and process standards. In terms of products, the protective film has been treated by many special processes, with ultra-thin 9h high strength, high-definition and high permeability, scratch and explosion-proof, anti peeping and anti fingerprint, anti glare / blue light eye protection and other functions. The bare machine feels super good, and its quality is favored by brands at home and abroad.

    The company has implemented ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality certification system, from raw materials to the factory, all passed layer by layer inspection, the product 98% pass rate and in line with ROHS / reach / Fu / CE and UL standards, the products sell well in China, Europe and America, South America and other developed countries.

  • 03

    The leader of protective film

    Peisheng technology has 15 years of research and design experience. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, marketing and service. With a number of core patents and more than 10 years of industry technical personnel, and master material research, precision equipment and mold development, optical cold processing and printing and other core technologies.

  • 04

    One stop customized wholesale of tempered film

    Support customized brand packaging, logo, copywriting, raw materials, backboard drawing and other customization. You can enjoy one-stop, efficient and worry free service without having to travel around the country. The company has strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign trade, tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, offline brand channels, mobile phone tablet manufacturers and other listed enterprises to create a well-known toughened film. You can choose Peisheng as your reliable choice! Old brand factory, guaranteed quality.

  • 05

    Considerate customer service

    It provides 24-hour duty system service system, 24-hour rapid delivery of logistics in the city, all-weather efficient handling of problems, support of telephone, wechat, online video conference communication mode and fast service response. From the customized scheme of protective film to delivery, one-to-one special person is responsible for tracking the whole process, strictly monitoring the production plan, and delivering on time according to the agreed delivery date without delay.

Entering Peisheng Technology

Shenzhen Peisheng Technology Co., Ltd

Screen protection film customization, mobile phone manufacturers, well-known brand factories in the industry, the headquarters has a standard modern workshop, a total area of 6000 square meters, 200 employees. Peisheng technology is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Mainly to mobile phone steel film wholesale, protective film customization and brand sales route. The main products are 3D hot bending, 2.5 toughened film, anti falling 9h composite film, anti scratch water coagulation film, UV toughened film, 3D integrated lens film, iPad tablet computer toughened film, watch protection film, airbag film and other technologies. It is the fastest updated mobile phone toughening film manufacturer in Shenzhen.

Corporate culture

Peisheng's certificate of honor and qualification

Strength supplier, old brand manufacturer!

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Serving the country

Toughened film, special-shaped glass film, mobile phone protective film, lens film, watch film can be customized and wholesale procurement, Peisheng professional production of mobile phone protection film brand factory, direct sales price affordable, strive to become the largest mobile phone toughened film manufacturer in China, stable suppliers, welcome to order!

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